Series ~ Seeking Peace ~ Peace Was In The Classic Stories ~


Tell me O Please Tell me’

shining dark eyes looked straight

expectantly, waiting for the

Once Upon A Time’

sitting for hours,chin cupped

in the tiny hands,listening

‘In the thick dark jungle,there

was a small house,an old man

lived there,no one could tell

he was a prince under a spell

by his own Grand Mother, punished

for not behaving well’

Ah in the jungle? Yes

Yes birds were quiet,the animals sad

what had made him so mad?

The dark eyes became thoughtful?

the story teller was hopeful

there was a lesson meaningful

invoking stirring the soul,good

behavior brings good, and so the prince

promised,the spell broke the dark eyes

sparkled and the face broke into a

broad smile…there was peace

and relief and joy

O please Tell me again


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