Series ~ Seeking Peace ~ I Sought ~ I Found ~ I Lost ~ But…..

pictures 013

In the skies,in the clouds,in boundless space

where birds float and glide…who holds them?

aloft so high,how they survive,they find peace

and breathe and pray

pictures 015

a place to perch and meditate each morning twitter

look around and find bits, which man throws as litter

thousands of homes shelters twigs and leaves fitter

making nests a couch enough a palace,as perceived

My Nature 013

Peace is but a shadow showing falling fading,now

it is here now disturbed now in darkness, evading


Peace is found all around peace must be preserved

peace is in the heart and love,to like what all observed


In sunset sunrise in buds and blossoms in Light

and in Dark peace is present,now and then,

it comes and goes and glows and shines bright

we need to wait a bit, pass the interlude ‘in quiet’


I sought I found I lost but now I am learning

to hold it for ever and keep it always in sight


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