Seeking Peace ~ Holding On Like Autumn Leaves ~

Family pics 029Oblivious of time tide or pain

I see him calm and quiet

some vacant looks an occasional smile

a desire to sing and ride perhaps that was peace ?

And then no more -the sunny warmth became cold

and I held on like Autumn leaves till I could no more hold

and let go of my hearts ocean,flooding through the eyes

what momentary joy it is,soon to change into ‘goodbyes’


For long silence prevails as peace lies scattered

crunched and crushed under laden feet,what

mattered,hope for return? hope for the smile?

nothing is visible for miles and miles,shattered

are dreams-which one should not see, nor recall-

There was a Fall, and all was lost-there will be a Fall

wither peace ? when time stood still and laughter filled

childhood play – from one war land to so many now-

blood flows more than the crimson leaves, holding on

to the trees or building castles in the sand- life stilled

wither peace…wither peace…within or where?


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