Mother,You Are A Peace Maker’


Mother took me to a place new

unknown unfamiliar people around,

I felt afraid,I cried,I held hard onto

her coat sleeve-I was pulled away

I shivered as if put in a cold water pool

Mother for my good, left me in a school-

Mother looked down at me silently

and I pleaded silently as I looked up’

Then I saw her no more,tears slipped

back,  mind still,thoughtless I sat on a stool

all I saw was a large blackboard,someone tall

by its side,moving arms up and down

wearing a long straight  white gown-

Then I felt I lost my world of peace

then sounds like bells I did hear,

then gone for a while was the fear-

Mother Dear where are you’

I am looking all over for you’

and now I know that peace is where-

in Mother’s love is peace,peace is in her care

Mother please know you are the best

care taker.

..Mother you are the only real peace maker’


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