~ Peaceful Bird ~ Silent Perch ~

IMG_20150926_061153_898 I am not the only one who has seen

birds, birds flying birds hopping or flying

suddenly as if frightened by some unseen

power, birds hiding silently in foliage in

rain, silent and grateful for having branches

as shelter…

and what thin or thick branches are to them

what type of leaves or patterns or shapes

they may have .

I am not the only one who seen birds in the trees,

Summer or winter they are at peace…twittering at dawn,praying with ease,then

fluttering with the breeze,happy and free, a pleasure to watch and wonder to me’

But …perhaps I am the one acquainted with this one…

not holding on to the wire, not like so many which make me think

how brave they must be , how tiny a space is enough, Nature has made them tough,

happily they cling,rested,

they fly away..but this one is braver,

perched on steel high above the world,

from where it can see, true divinity

fearless perch it manifests silence is its utmost beauty…

but peace prevails in its tiny heart,it perches for long on the framed bars

and I wish would I be able to sit for so long in silence, see Nature’s wondrous glory

not worry for food nor say the place is dirty, nor complain of noise and wind

nor block someone’s way, but high above be able to witness deeds of danger

and yet sing…for birds as this one …have no place for sadness or sorrow

they sing every morning each day come what may…and fly fly far away

I am the one acquainted with peace that I have seen in the birds…

O peaceful bird  fearless you are as you perch

you make me still and make me wonder ..what your eyes see yonder

that put you at ease, tell me O Bird what gives you your peace?

I am the one seeking hoping waiting trying searching for   peace….

our peace, of mind and life, of people and village, of land and spirit

If we would know , the birds may show…peace is where silences grow…


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