Peace Please Come ~ Like A Rainbow ~

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Someone comfortingly read aloud to me,

I don’t remember the face,only voice so soft,

When I had seen the a,b,c, all of it to x,y,z,

I listened for I was at peace,

someone held my book for me,showing me

letters and then words, how to read

I read for I was at peace,

Then I saw a rainbow, not on the sky blue

but on a dark black page shining bright and new

I smiled for I was at peace.

Time flew away,time never comes to stay

I listened I read and smiled all the way

For I felt I was at peace.

Now bags are heavy, black and blue

restless are learners,restful,one or two

what is happening to English and Urdu

learning seems to rest at ease or at heels

teaching is difficult for absent is peace…

fear setting in removing the joy and fun

guards outside with bullet barrier and gun

what is the nation learning what objectives

of future,what progress in such perspectives?

horrified hurt and helpless I feel,feet cold

painful is the heel,wish all could be ‘atten-tion’

orderly lined up relaxed polite and respectfully

bold,where are good manners? in suspension?

I look at books and heave a sigh, I see the sky

grey black and growing dark, it seems misty

cloudy smoky heavy weary gloomy and sad

Oh Dear, Look,The Land,have people gone mad?

I see I hear I listen The Lord is Merciful

gone is the comforting teacher I had, I

grieve for all children, learning is a burden

no fun…even if I try to be that special teacher-

I have no energy now…to be One’…

O peace please return, we want learning

to be joy and fun,please remove the guard

and gun…Peace Come make reading be with

ease,like before,all colors, page white or black,

together, on land and in the sky…together in a

never ending row…

like a full circle …. rainbow…


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