Peace By The Corn Cart

Peace thou wast present felt inhaled

on silent empty clean solid roads

in cool or warm mornings afternoons

evenings and nights,under starry skies-

skies’ seem uncomfortably annoyed

as clouds hurriedly tensely waver by

apprehensive sensing the ominous

dreading the inevitable close’

Who is but oblivious? the people?

playing with color,dancing in rhythm

wither the anthem wither the hymn?

Peace no’ not resides in the green circle

Sacred circle is pure and  white, it is

the circle of Light vastness beyond oceans

yet on Earth there is but one place,one man

of peace and tranquility, sifting roasting

sweet grains in a circle of heated sand-

in a drizzle I stood and watched the good

circular baskets and large circular dish

 smilingly he poured a measured hand

-swish swish swish

I wish..this peace would pour out and

flow all over the land,through waters

to the oceans ,rise up to the sad skies

back to the earth with rainy eyes

to wash away the hate, drown all the lies



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