Ta Ta Two Hearts,Three Spades

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that incorporates “the sound of home.” Think back to your childhood, and the figures of speech and particular ways of talking that the people around you used, and which you may not hear anymore.
Two hearts, three spades’four diamonds’


shuffle shuffle, deal, make tea please’

matches anyone, one from the 555 tin

how hot it is ? switch off the fan

Honey tea’ honey tea’ ‘picnic , to Murree’

lets see ? O Mayan, I said, switch off the fan

Oh what loving company was that to me’

I hear the song’The yellow rose of Texas’

that I am going to see’

Babri boobri babri bam babrri boobrri babrri

jal gayee dunya mil gaye hum’ babrri boobrri

bam bam bam…

everyone for prayer, come those who can

O Allah forgive us for our short comings

Dearies forgive me I have not been a good

father, Come let us plan life again…

Come let us play Scrabble…soon it will be time

Yes don’t waste it in music,this will neverscan0012

help you cross the final bridge…Allah is the Greatest ….

Helper and His word only gives peace, so pray…

sound of music,rustle of newspaper, and then

all the time the loving thanks..Ta Ta Ta……

say salam read read  ‘Be Brave’ the world is a stage

Look ahead sacrifice, serve humanity Care, care, care

Love your country…

This world is temporary

‘Again again and again, again again and again

When I was single my pocket did jingle

I long to be single again’ Grandfather married thrice

and we were a happy loving laughing family

sharing joys and sorrows stories and so much poetry

Happy times with flags and speeches, rides in Fiats and Chevees

jeeps and land Rovers, beautiful Beehive sweaters and pullovers

with the joys of homely fun playing cards praying ..now memories

are all I have as time passes and moves over…….



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