And Then Nothing …Or was there…



you have to cross the narrow bridge,the bridge open from both sides
oh dear,is it dangerous ? no not really, drive carefully and you will be
fine,do not look left and right’ you know the rules,you must abide…
why do bridges built once are left incomplete? risky

people walk,not all have cars,many go on donkey carts
too heavy for buses or trucks to pass,dogs and sheep
and buffaloes saunter,rather dip in to clean their parts
peering peeping at all who pass or standby to wash cars

buffaloes find peace in water,as sheep find  in passing
donkeys find in crossing continuously,no stopping
drivers find peace peace in clean cars, dogs in running
after vehicles, and I just watch and try to gather joy

that I believe is visible  for I see the freedom
in little acts of life, cleaner safer lighter feeling
peace it is peace it must be,peace for the day

peace ..maybe ..all the way, on the way,on the bridge….


A Tree Forever, is Peace Forever.



Majestic Hsi ever flowing
and on its high banks
graceful Bacchae may be seen

Indus Nile Ganges Danube
sacred springs …no shebeen’
guarded by the undine ?
who are these living bodies?
real? spirits? super celestial?
maybe but all seek one !

Peace serenity eternal
do we find it in water?
where lies the magic key?

Come Come Come
under the shadow of the tree
roots fixed sturdily

cold warm wind or storm
faithful is the norm
since eternity

salvation from the cave
Light revealed under
the tree

plant plant plant
a tree shade fruit and peace
food fuel and company

a tree forever is peace for ever

Is Peace Found in Playing Cricket


Earth spins silently,storms rage around, high in the sky all around

Earth is like a ball yet it holds all,miracle of nature serving all

my quest for peace struck a sudden chord, I saw the truth

in the Fall- it is the hitting of the ball…red,white and now pink

oh why did I not ever before about it….think….

peace peace there you are,as with all smiles you are fair

the bat the wicket the round circular ground…the joy of

hitting the energy of running..the satisfaction of achievement

just twenty two yards…ovation attraction applause wonder

ah what fun what joy what happiness what peace..

I guess I found a place of peace you agree..

No Justice No Peace


No justice no peace

Who will make ease on this green land

where lost is the way

pirates are back,

looters are back

are different colonists back too

rising from the depths

of deliberate ruins

of deadened  cities

of enslaved helpless beings

where dogs bark all night

at unseen spirits

morning dawns with routines

depressed people head for courts

seeking answers relief and justice

but who files cases ,who files reports

a voice raised…can you hear?

no justice no peace….

No justice No Peace…..

Hear Ye…..

April Farewell’~Memories Strike ~Poetry Lives On~

For our final prompt, we’re featuring Kavyastream, where the final poem is a ghazal translated from Urdu!

Translation of an Urdu nazam….

jab yaad se yaad takraati hai…..


When memories strike,hit heavily the heart
pain flows out from the eyes-what links are these of
soul and spirit,body still,cold,breath on hold-
then they- in love find thought and mind helpless
and seek restfulness for perpetual soul so restless-
but fail…

maybe then for peace of heart
will walk the one and only path
will think of one writer,a psychopath?
moments of tender care will rise
in visions, then time will apprise

the priceless value of words
the need to express the thoughts
the letter that unites the power of
the pen that writes…

what is the spirit to spirit link
Who is the angel that resides,brings…
a memory and loving memories past
a thought lost but one that lasts

and when the pain will grow
and need to talk will restless make
the spirit and heart to tremble and shake

then slowly the hand will reach,
the paper to take, silently hold the pen,
wipe the flowing beads from the eyes
and begin to trace words,form thoughts in lines…

so when memories strike…

NapoWrimo ~ Day 9 ~ Like a Slave Bowing ~

This one sounds simple, but it can be pretty difficult. Today, I challenge you to write a poem that includes a line that you’re afraid to write. This might be because it expresses something very personal that makes you uncomfortable…


Image result for weakness


to run away but not to die or be called weak

to runaway from invisible walls,not knowing

what is being walled out,but knowing who builds

standing head held high,not like a slave bowing.

to have the freedom to share time,give love to love’

pray pray pray and ask only from the Power above


NaPoWrimo Day 7 ~ Tristina ~ For A Bike ~

Day Seven comes to us from Gloria Gonsalves, who challenges us all to write atritina. The tritina is a shorter cousin to the sestina, involving three, three-line stanzas, and a final concluding line. Three “end words” are used to conclude the lines of each stanza, in a set pattern of ABC, CAB, BCA, and all three end words appear together in the final line.

Tritina for Susannah

The water off these rocks is green and cold.
The sandless coast takes the tide in its mouth,
as a wolf brings down a deer or lifts its child.

I walked this bay before you were my child.
Your fingers stinging brightly in the cold,
I take each one and warm it in my mouth.

Though I’ve known this shore for years, my mouth
holds no charms of use to you, my child.
You will have to learn the words to ward off cold

and know them cold, child, in your open mouth.

–David YezziIMG_20151108_170726_584

silent saviour I wonder who left you here so

parked on a stand,once looked so grand,you

still can be and are the survivor in the land

you,two wheeled machine racing so across native land;


though loved ridden wheeled and enjoyed

you help carry foursome family , milk cans

on both sides balanced loaded truck like,fans

wait for the burr,roar enjoy,as cans clank and fans clap;


and so here you stand on lonely road side,silent

brave alone in power hidden inside the engine

with one kick get alive stir all who ride,joys beside

when thrill is joy engine starts,friendly hold beside,race begins.